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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Freeland Rally - Renee Butts' Speech

Though we weren't fortunate enough to hear her speak at the Morristown Rally, Renee Butt's has proven in her Freeland speech that there's no such thing as over-the-top.

Renee Butts' Speech

This is not her whole speech - it's as much as I could stand to listen to. I encourage you to listen for yourself by clicking the above link.

I don't really have to say too much about this speech as it truly speaks for itself. However, I will point out that according to Renee women are now a "perk" for all "illegal" immigrants as they are all rapists. Her speech is why many people undecided on this issue stay away from groups like Voice Of The People USA.

Renee's Speech:

Thank you everyone. Today I’m going to speak to you about something we haven’t covered.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the MS-13 gang. This gang of illegal aliens is in at least 33 of our states. It’s reported to be smuggling in Al Qaeda terrorists and their weapons. Our opponents see no problem with people coming here illegally. People like WILK talk show host Steve Corbet say most illegal aliens just want to some here to work. They key word is most. This certainly isn’t true of all.

Obviously some also come here to commit crime. Many of our opponents delight in calling us mean and racist. If we are mean and racist then what is the MS-13 gang? I want to know how would you describe the gang rape of a woman afflicted with Cerebral Palsy who was thrown out of her wheel chair so illegal aliens might take brutal advantage of her. Gang rape of American women is a method of initiation for this notorious gang. Two deaf girls ages seventeen and fourteen were subjected to this brutal treatment by illegal aliens.

You know, a study was done of 1.500 illegal alien offenders. They had just under 6,000 victims between all of them. So, that’s about 4 victims each. Thirty-five of these crimes were child molestations. Twenty-four were rapists and the other Forty-one percent were sexual homicide and serial murders. Seven illegal aliens gang raped a 37 year old North Carolina woman. A 4 year old girl was kidnapped, raped, and sodomized by an illegal alien. She was found thrown over a wall suffering from facial fractures and other injuries. These are just some of the horror stories.

Women of all ages are being targeted by these groups. Crimes where we cannot find the criminal because we don’t know their true identity, because they’re here illegally.

The illegal aliens are taking on aliases to throw law enforcement from their trail. While people call us racist we women are targets for these gangs. The politically correct people who think we out to be nice and trust all of them have forgotten about our plight – the plight of the women and children of America. It is difficult to believe that the MS-13 gang might change their tune if we understood them and were nice to them. If illegal aliens women want to join this gang they themselves must submit to gang rape by the male members of the group. I cannot even call such male beasts men if they use their ill-gotten power to subjugate and terrorize women. And that’s not to mention them smuggling terrorists in to our country.

Oh, yes these people want to work – they want to work towards our country’s destruction and to rape and brutalize our women. Apparently we women no longer matter to the federal government, to the opposition, to the American Civil Liberties Union. The illegal aliens get many perks for coming to our country. Emergency room visits, education, sanctuary cities, and now apparently we women are just another perk to be added to the list. I want to know, is the opposition going to suggest we are mean for not submitting to gang rape?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Robb Pearson's Opening Speech

I originally opened this blog entry by incorrectly stating that Robb Pearson used the word "evil" to describe "illegal" immigrants. He corrected me on this and was good enough to provide me with his actual written speech which I've posted below.

There are quite a few statements in his speech that become oxymoronic when coupled with the visual of what he is asking for - the deportation of all "illegal" immigrants. Let’s just take the first paragraph of the speech.

Generous? (Yes we’re generous, but not enough to help these people. We'll just “deport now!” after we made them feel it was ok to be here by giving them jobs.)
Tolerant? (Not of people fleeing poverty for the opportunity to actually support their families apparently, unless they’re from European countries and don’t stand on the street looking for work.)
Prosperous? (Of course because we enslave the rest of the world by supporting low paying slave labor in other countries instead of promoting US businesses that pay our fellow Americans a fare wage. Aren’t factories moving out of the United States by the droves? Didn’t this country fight immense labor battles throughout its infancy and into the last century because workers were being taken advantage of – workers which included children? Tell the poor workers of those ‘good ol’ American days that they were created equal and free and tell the slaves too? Please don’t reminisce about principals which have rarely, in our history, been adhered to.)
Welcoming? (If this were true people wouldn’t be here illegally. They wouldn’t need to be.)
Committed to Liberty? (Let’s go tell the Iraqis this. That’s a good name for our next war – “Operation Committed To Liberty.”)
Most noble of human principles? (Which are…?)

What is noble about telling anyone who thinks different from you to “go to hell”? (Voice Of The People USA) What is noble about flat out stating that all “illegal” immigrants are evil murders. (You Don’t Speak For Me.) And, since I’ve read some of Robb Pearson’s posts, what is noble about stating that Chris Christie, who is obese, spends too much time eating at the Morristown diner? Isn’t that kind of like being told you’re a racist all the time (a statement these groups battle everyday whether it’s true or not)? You know - personal attacks.

Finally, Robb states that the day of the rally was a day to “find real solutions to this problem.” Well nobody offered solutions except David Marlett. Everyone else just went on fear mongering tirades about how we’re all going to die tomorrow if there’s one “illegal” immigrant left. Oh, and there was the wall across the southern border, and 287(g). However, little time was given to actually explaining these things.

It really blows my mind that these groups continue to state “against the law, it’s against the law.” You know what, a lot of things are against the law and laws are broken everyday and have been broken multiple times by every person who spoke that day. Laws are also changed. It was once against the law to speak out against your country, as Robb does on his blog and I do as well. If this were eighty years ago Robb, and myself, would be in jail.

I literally can find no other explanation for the complete grouping of all “illegal” immigrants into this brazen mass of misfits other than to think these groups are worried about preserving the white majority in this country. No other explanation holds up when carefully studied and scrutinized. It’s all based on the promotion of fear and it’s all based in hate. Yes, there are others on the opposing side that also work in these terms, but I believe we have to find a better way then simply promoting action by scaring the hell out of one another.

Robb’s Speech:

My friends:

Nowhere on this earth will you find a more generous people.

Nowhere on this earth will you find a more compassionate people.

Nowhere in this world will you find a people more hospitable, more welcoming, more tolerant, more blessed by diversity; nor a nation more prosperous, more committed to liberty, nor more firmly founded upon the most noble of human principles than THIS people, THIS country, THIS land, THIS GREAT NATION the United States of America.

Today is about We The People.

Today is a day to celebrate our common American heritage, founded upon the recognition that all people are created equal, and free. Today is also a day to recall what our Founders understood: that those who gather in community and form a society retain the right to establish and enforce laws which they feel will best secure their common good, and ensure their collective security.

We The People. To borrow from an old Bible story of young Joseph, we are a coat of many colors, woven together by a cherished legacy of immigration and diversity, and a grand tradition of the rule of law, which is the thread that binds us together.

But, my friends, that thread which maintains the cohesiveness of our society is being undone by the scourge of illegal immigration. It is a serious injury to our nation as a whole as well as to our local communities, an injury which is not only perpetrated upon us by those who enter and remain in our country in violation of our laws, but is also enabled and allowed and continued by our own government.

This is unacceptable!

We The People. We The People. Let today mark a new direction. Let today be a day to take new steps. Let all of us today recommit ourselves to our foundational American principles, and rededicate ourselves to one another as fellow Americans.

Because we can no longer be content to gather merely to express our extreme frustration or engage in mere academic conversation about the issue of illegal immigration.

Today is a day to push forward with renewed determination to find real solutions to this problem.

Today is a day for all of us to ask ourselves what we each can do, what we each should do, and what we each MUST do, as responsible citizens.

This, my friends, is why we -- We The People -- are here today.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mayor Donald Cresitello's Speech

The mayor's presence at this rally is rather disturbing and alarming. Not only did the mayor stand on the same side as proud white supremacists groups, such as Storm Front, but he also decided to call all those protesting the rally Marxists and communists. Furthermore, he went off on a furious tirade about anyone's authority to question him and his desire to institute 287(g).

For those that will claim that I'm spinning the truth, there were groups handing out communist newspapers and waiving red flags on the protestor's side of the street. However, that represented a small minority which doesn't matter as the mayor should have shown a little more decorum and maturity than that. Besides, nobody wants communism they just want people to be treated with respect and dignity.

-- As a follow-up the mayor did state he was pointing out only those that were actually Marxists and Communists. He also stated in the 8/19/07 Sunday Daily Record that he asked Robb Pearson not to have the rally because he didn't want a rally with a bunch of Nazis running around. Way to go mayor.

Mayor Donald Cresitello: (thanks for the help K_)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen; good afternoon supporters and opponents of 287g, and I say to all of you that are here today, God bless America!

For it’s the constitution of the United States that gives the people on the other side of the street the right to protest my request to have 287g. I say to them that is the same constitution of the United States that clearly gives them the right to be here, even despite the fact that they have crossed the border illegally, but along with that right, what they fail to recognize comes the obligation of law. They have an obligation to honor this country. I say to those people across the street who didn’t even have the courtesy to respect the American flag while we tried to honor it, you still don’t get it. The reason people are upset is with illegal immigrants is because they choose to violate the law. This is a country of laws. And law must be honored.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Morristown police department for its wonderful job. To those county officers and state police who are here for protecting all of the participation..participants in this rally. Thank you for your professionalism. I want to thank all of the speakers and organizers of this event, for giving us an opportunity to wake up the American people. I also want to thank those elected officials that stand with us; there are thousands of elected officials, both democrats and republicans, who support the securing of our borders. We should never forget that they stand with us.

I want to remind everybody that this issue has the support of both conservatives and liberals. All peoples are participating in this rally and many people have told me from every walk of life and from all political perspectives that they support my attempt to have to have 287g as a working tool for the Morristown police department. Some people have asked me why is the Mayor of Morristown involved in this debate? Because the Mayor of the town of Morristown wants to enforce the laws, and those who are.. require that felons be kept in prison. 287g will give me an opportunity to access a database that will give Morristown police department another opportunity to better protect the people of Morristown.

I want to remind my opponents that I am here today because I am a man of God. That I am not a person of hate, but just the opposite. I have drawn attention to this issue, both in Morristown, in the state, county and nationally because I want a solution to illegal immigration as all of the people who are here today do. We are here today because we do not have hate in our hearts, but because we want to solve the problem. I am here today because this is the military capital of the American revolution.

And as was discussed before, a few people in Boston threw some tea in a harbor and started a revolution. We are here today to continue the efforts of those individuals, and that revolution who gave us protections under the law; who gave us a constitution that needs to be honored. And I say to those people across the street, while it may be true that no human is illegal, there are humans that are violating the law of this country and those laws must be enforced. I say to those peoplethat we have borders that must be honored and I ask them why if they are doing what is right do you oppose a law enforcement tool that deals with criminal activities.’

I thank Ron..uh...Rob, I’m sorry Rob. I appreciate you bringing this rally together, and we had some questions...ok.

I’m just going to say a few more words about 287g. 287g specifically states that anyone involved in the program cannot be involved in the process of profiling. For those people who continue to distort the truth, it is a criminal act to cross the border of the United States without documents. it is not a civil violation. it is a criminal violation. Why does the ACLU continue to distort the truth, about the laws of this nation. For those people may be prosecuted civilly, its a criminal act to cross our border and seek employment. You do not have the right to ask to be employed if you don’t....are not a legal citizen of this country, nor does anyone have the right to ask you to work for them. You do not have the right to harbor an illegal alien. It is against the federal law to knowingly rent to an illegal alien. You do not have the right to transport an illegal, and therefore it is illegal to pick up an illegal and deliver them to a job site.

I also call upon the governors of this country and specifically the governor of the state of New Jersey to protect the rest of the workers of the state of New Jersey and I call upon him today at this public gathering to enforce the labor law of the state of New Jersey. I challenge Jon Corzine today to hire additional inspectors and enforcers and the Department of Labor, who have the legal obligation to monitor contractors, businesses, restaurants, corporations and make sure they are following the laws of the State of New Jersey. Those are not federal laws, those are state laws. I call upon the Department of Labor to request additional personnel to visit the jobsites on a daily basis, and arrested and convict and prosecute those individuals who are not paying the require state disability insurance, state unemployment insurance. I call upon them to make sure that the workers are protected. That the required worker’s compensation insurance. I call upon the State of New Jersey’s Attorney General to do her job and stop trying to challenge Morristown’s right to enforce the laws that they choose to ignore. How dare they, how dare they question my right as the mayor of this community to move this program forward. These state officials are supporting an illegal underground economy that is siphoning billions of dollars from the unemployment fund, from the disability fund, from the state treasury because they are not paying state income tax, nor are the workers paying state income tax.

So to those individuals across the street, follow the law. Stop trying to distort the facts that we as American citizens, as Morristown residents, are asking for no more from you than to follow the law. I want you to know, to the Communists across the street and Marxists, we know your motives. We know what you are about. And we will not continue to tolerate the attempts of some of you to take over the government of this country.

Maybe if you would stop and listen, you would find out that 287g is a program to protect workers, protect residents, protect Americans against felons. Maybe if you would listen, you would find out that Mayor Cresitello supports an immigration program that is acceptable to all of us, not one that requires amnesty, but one requires the penalty of not being permitted to be a citizen of this country because you jumped the border. So here tonight, I tell you that I support a program that permits an identification card that will be required to carried by those illegals that will at least give them the opportunity to be counted, so that we that we know that we have 10 million or 20 million in this country. This document will also give you the right to work; this document would also give you the obligation to follow the law. That this document will not grant you citizenship, but would permit people to participate in this government in a legal way.

I close by saying, let us all stop the hatred, let us all tell the truth, let us all join together and urge the government of the United States to approve my application 287g and to urge the government of the United States to formulate an immigration policy that’s acceptable , that legal residents of this country who are paying for your violations of law.

Thank you all for coming. This is the beginning of a another revolution. In the historic town of Morristown, where I will carry on the fight for as long as and as far as I can, with the help of those who stand in front of me and those who stand behind me. God Bless America and thank you for coming.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

David Marlett's Speech

David was one of the most sensible speakers in my opinion. At least he said it's our fault that so many undocumented workers have rushed over here. If there were no jobs they probably wouldn't be here. However, I don't find it very humane to invite people to risk their lives to come to this country and then pull the rug out from underneath them. We are all human beings and we should treat each other with compassion.

I didn't really understand his God, country, self statement. I'm not sure how mistreating and belittling other human beings is a way to serve God, but what do I know?

David Marlett:

We at ProAmerican Companies an organization.. Let me first just tell you that – we’re going to change this. I’m going to shift this, change focus for a slight moment. We are out here celebrating the good guys. Those companies out in our business world, out in our societies that say “you know what” I can make a lot more money if I broke the law, but I won’t do it and that may put me out of business, but I’m just not going to do it. That’s fundamentally what ProAmerica Companies are. We focus on the people.

This is a people’s issue. This is an economic issue and I’m looking across the street at these signs and they say “no racist deportation.” I don’t know what rally they’re showing up for. Okay, no racist deportation. Wonderful. I’m for that! Everybody for that? That’s not what we’re talking about. “No human being is illegal.” Wonderful, nice saying. I know some people in the Morristown, Morris County prison – hey they’re criminals too. I don’t understand this. These people just don’t get it. This is about America. This is about we the people, the individuals and some people may not like where I’m going to go with this, because it’s one thing for us to be pointing at our government and we learn when we are in grade school when I point I got three fingers pointing right back at me.

This is about us. We, we invited the illegal aliens in every time we did business with an employer who hired them. We laid this beautiful buffet table out and said all you have to do is get across the border and her you go. And we’re, we the people are paying for it now. We must have the courage to stand up and say you know what? Yes, there’s certain things the government and only the government must enforce our laws, but you know what? There’s a whole lot we can do and it’s one thing to write your senators and God bless us all for what we did in shutting down the amnesty bill, but who’s mowing your lawn? Who’d mowing your neighbor’s lawn? Who’s building these houses in your community? Are you standing by idly while business owners in your community continue, day after day after day to break the law and laugh at us as keep on pointing to the government and saying “Please make us stop breaking the law. This is about us. We have to take it to ourselves personal responsibility and say you know what I’m not going to teach my child that just because I may not get caught or just because everybody else is doing it’s suddenly okay.

It’s not okay. This is where we’re ever going to see long term serious change in this country we must cut these employers off at the knees and that means don’t – don’t do business with them. This is an economic issues. These people don’t ant to be American citizens they’re here for jobs. They’re only here because we’re giving ‘em jobs. It is that simple. We cut ‘em off they go home. Look what’s happening in Georgia. Look what’s happening in Arizona. Look what’s about to start happening in Oklahoma. These states do this, they leave. Wonderful. It does work, but it starts with you and you and me and it starts at home. It starts with what we teach our children. It starts with going back to what I call patriot ethics.

You know when I was growing up and I suspect most of you – we learned something very early on and I don’t remember someone specifically saying it - it just got into my being and that was priority order was God, country and me. That was what I grew up with. We said it every morning in grade school as we put our hand over our heart and looked at our flag and pledged allegiance for one nation under God. That’s it – God, country, family then me.

Somewhere along the way we lost our vision. And now it is me, then somewhere down the line God and country in some trailing order. That to me is the heart of this issue. We must go back is individual citizens to our communities demand that one local chamber of commerce kick out any business that is breaking the law. Go to the Better Business Bureau say you gotta be kidding me, you’re supporting these guys that break our laws everyday. This is where a people’s – yes I’m taking nothing away from what we must do for our government must do, but it’s too easy to keep printing to Washington. Look at what we got….

Peter Gadiel's Speech

I have nothing but the deepest sympathies for Peter and his family. I was in the World Trade Center, Tower 2, on 9/11. For me it was a horrific experience that I feel has changed my life. For Peter, it has meant the loss of his son.

However, I do not agree with Peter's every assumption as I was on the other side of the street protesting the rally. I am not a gangster, nor am I violent in any way. I do not agree with harming my cause by becoming belligerent or violent.

Robb Pearson

Our next speaker – Peter Gadiel from 9/11 Families For a Secure America.

Peter Gadiel:

If you can hear me will you raise your hand? Okay you can hear me fine.

I want to thank Robb Pearson for organizing this meeting and I want to thank Mayor Donald Cresitello for allowing me to speak here today and although I didn’t intend to I want to thank the gangsters across the street because on news cameras across the country tonight people will see what the guru holds, people will see what the future holds, people will see what the future holds if the policies of George Bush, Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg are continued, the chaos, the anarchy, the violence that is represented across the street is America’s future unless we gain control of our borders. So to these people across the street, my hat’s off and my thanks to you for demonstrating why it is so important that we have more elected officials like Mayor Cresitello who will enforce the law and make sure that those who are illegal are deported where the governments of their race, Polish, Hispanic, Chinese, Russian, what have you regardless of race, deportation, back to your home country from which you left voluntarily. You were not brought here in chains. You left that homeland voluntarily, that is where you belong.

I represent 9/11 Families For a Secure America. All of our members lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks or they are victims of violent criminal acts committed by illegal aliens. Ed Kowalski who you just heard from a few minutes ago, his niece was murdered, raped and murdered by an illegal alien. My son, my twenty-three year old son was killed in the World Trade Center by people who were in fact illegal aliens.

The Constitution of the United States expresses in a very short forum what our government exists for. In the Preamble it says our government exists to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare for ourselves and our posterity. Clearly the people in Washington beginning with George bush continuing with Hilary Clinton and Robert Menendez and – and Frank Lautenberg do not understand what our Constitution’s about. All the authority they hold from the precedent down to the canine officers is derived from the Constitution of the United States and every one of those officials is obligated by the Constitution to protect the goals that are set forth in our Constitution, the common defense, the general welfare, domestic tranquility, and, and a justice.

Does that – it’s that across the street what results from the failure to live up to their obligations under the Constitution. Exactly. It is the failure of the government, of – of Robert Menendez and, and George Bush and Bill Clinton before him to live up to their obligations under the Constitution that resulted – directly resulted in the death of my son on 9/11, directly resulted in the death, murder of Ed Kowalski’s niece Elizabeth Butler when she was seventeen years old.

Every illegal alien is called by La Raza – “The Race” -, a racist organization, an undocumented immigrant, but what does it mean to be an undocumented immigrant? It means that your true identity is unknown, it has never been verified by any competent authority which means that every illegal alien, every undocumented immigrant, any illegal alien may be a criminal or a terrorist and many of them are and some of those terrorists murdered my son on 9/11. Another of those undocumented aliens murdered Ed Kowalski’s niece and thousands of other Americans have been raped, murdered, killed in drunken driving accidents and it is the direct refusal of federal officials to live up to the obligations imposed on them by the Constitution that led to these deaths.

Ladies and gentlemen, the people of Washington, George Bush, Robert Menendez, Frank Lautenberg and many other senators – they have on their hands the blood of these victims. They are responsible, they have refused to act. They know the consequences of their actions and they have refused to act. They have the blood of those victims on their hands and across the street you see America’s future if we continue to allow public officials such as this to ignore their obligations on the – under the Constitution.

I’m going to close with a story, a true story. The open border lobby relentlessly talks of the romantic past of the 1870’s of the 1900’s, but the world has changed and this is no longer the world of 1900. Many important things have changed – among which is our governments failure to care about who enters our country. My father – they call us KKK, they call us Nazi’s. My father was born in Germany in 1906. He was Jewish and an active anti-Nazi. My mother was German Protestant. She married my father in the German, in violation of the Nazi racial laws. My mother left Germany exactly twenty-four hours before the Gestapo came to pick her up. That’s the Nazi background of my family. My father came to this country in 1940 officially classified by the state department as a stateless person despite his family’s anti-Nazi activities and his Jewish faith to make sur he wasn’t a German agent. He used to say that practically looked under his fillings to make sure he wasn’t a German agent. I asked him “dad, weren’t you offended then with your background and your anti-Nazi activities that they looked into your background back there?” He said, “No.” He said, “I was happy they did, I didn’t want German agents any more in this country any more than J. Edgar Hoover or Franklin Rosevelt. I wanted everybody to come to this country who came to this country to be carefully questioned and make sure they were not a threat to my new homeland.”

Ladies and gentlemen it is the ultimate irony. It is the ultimate, cruelest irony that my son, his grandson died because people like Bill Clinton and Frank Lautenberg and George Bush refused to carry on the policies that were pioneered by Theodore Rosevelt, by Woodrow Wilson, by Franklin Rosevelt – many great presidents – to make sure that the people who came to our country were not here to do us evil. It’s been my……..

Ed Kowalski's Speech

Ed told us a heart wrenching story about his niece who was raped and slaughtered by here ex-boyfriend who was here illegally. Though it doesn't excuse this evil, heinous, and cowardly act, Ed did not tell the audience that this "illegal" immigrant was his niece's ex-boyfriend. This evil man was previously convicted of drunk driving in addition to other offenses, but was allowed to remain free and in this United States.

Robb Pearson:

Thank you Miguel. Right now I’d like to invite Ed Kowalski, from 9/11 Families For a Secure America for a touching story and certainly a very moving one.

Ed Kowalski:

Thank you all. As Miguel just passionately said, twenty-five Americans a day fall victim to crimes committed by illegal aliens. In 2005 my family was on of these. My seventeen year old niece Elizabeth Butler, one week away from her high school graduation, was raped and stabbed thirteen times to death and found by her parents in Croton Falls, New York. If Westchester country, at that time, had a 287(g) program the individual who slaughtered my niece would have been picked up and deported as he should have been, but this didn’t occur because we didn’t have politicians like Mayor Cresitello who’s fighting for a 287(g) program. At the time Elizabeth was killed we had a district attorney, Jeanine Piro who was more interested in hiring Bernie Kerik to eaves drop on her husband who she suspected was cheating. That’s what we had in Westchester county. That’s why my niece is dead. If you don’t believe, to my friends across the street, if you don’t believe that this is a problem I invite you to go on to and you can see the stories of people whose lives have been ended by illegal aliens.

Government at all levels must make the prosecution and deportation of law breaking illegal aliens a top priority. This includes drunk driving, as well as theft, rape, and murder. All foreign prisoners eligible for deportation must be shipped home at the end of their sentences, not released onto American streets to commit further crimes on innocent citizens. I want everybody in this crowd to remember what it was like to be seventeen, to think of a life full of future, full of promise, and then I want you to think of my niece who’s lying in a grave who will never have what we have. And I want you to think that was done at the hands of an illegal alien. The common excuse that these dangerous criminal fell through the cracks is not acceptable when our fellow citizens are being killed, raped, and otherwise harmed by these invaders. 287(g) is the way to go. We need to get behind it, we need to get behind Mayor Cresitello. We need to enforce this now.

Thank you very much.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Carmen Morales' Speech

The group You Don't Speak For Me must make their representatives sign an oath to scream when they speak and to fear monger as much as possible.

Here we have the opportunity to see this issue from a non-white perspective, but alas it's just the same, if not more of, the old hate-filled fear-stirring scare tactics.

I thought the idea of a rally was to garner support for your cause by stating facts and figures and letting people know, in a thoughtful way, why you've come to the conclusion you have not just pummeling them into submission through fear and worry of their very lives.

You'll see for yourself, but the only figures Carmen gave us were how many "illegal" immigrants are in the United States which her partner Miguel, who spoke after her, repeated as if our attention span was so short we couldn't remember.

Out of nowhere she references Married With Children which, if you listen close, garners at least one chuckle from the audience. Well, I guess it's nice to laugh at least once when you're being told of the chaos and disarray we're all living in because of "illegal" immigrants.

Carmen Morales:

People prefer to turn this into a race issue for their own benefit. Do not believe them. This is not about race. This is about protecting our country. They sometimes amaze me when I listen to some of these activists who, by the way, haven’t been here that long themselves and also come in illegally not long ago. And now they have the nerve to protest in our country when they didn’t have the nerve to protest in their own government - the country that they left behind.

This debate has been going on for a very long time. Remembering back 1975 and the early eighties this country took a tremendous turn and after 1986 that did it. We have been invaded by millions of illegal aliens not 12 million, 30 million, and they’re still coming on a daily basis. Another amnesty and we will lost - we will lose everything good that America has ever had to offer. Take a good look at California, Los Angeles especially and you can see what’s coming to the state of New Jersey. People who are in this country illegally and there supporters like to throw in the race card and accuse Americans of racism as if we have no right to speak to protect our land. I have never seen such disarray, chaos, and so much worthless crime in this country before. Of course we have our own criminals, but do we need more from foreign countries? I don’t think so.

People, we are headed toward a third world over populated country with no rule of law whatsoever. We are turning into what these illegal aliens left behind. So could you imagine Americans wake up remembering back while every one was comfortable watching Married With Children, baseball, The Simpsons, terrorists, criminals and all kinds of people who hate America, from around the world who are crossing the border into the United States unbeknownst to us. TV has blind us.

Until the awakening of 9/11, which I am one-hundred percent sure that if we would have had strong immigration laws and secured borders, 9/11 would have never happened. We need enforcement. Our immigration laws, ladies and gentlemen – like we need the enforcement that Mexico has because, let me tell you, Mexico has very strict immigration laws and they really are strict about it. You cannot sneak into Mexico and do what you do in the United States.

Mass illegal immigration has go to stop. Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor – we support your efforts to protect the citizens of Morristown and together we’ll take our message, that America’s immigration laws must be enforced by our nation’s capital. I believe and I think they are beginning to listen to us and our phone numbers and strength grows they will be paying attention ever more because we the people of the United States are the real voice of America.

We have every right to speak out against illegal immigration. We will continue to do so. So on behalf of You Don’t Speak For Me and millions of other Americans I am here to say thank you Mr. Mayor and also a message to the people.

287(g) – Si Se Puede.

Robb Pearson: “That’s what I call energy my friends. That’s what I call celebration of free speech my friends. And I want to propose that we are because we believe in free speech.”