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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

David Marlett's Speech

David was one of the most sensible speakers in my opinion. At least he said it's our fault that so many undocumented workers have rushed over here. If there were no jobs they probably wouldn't be here. However, I don't find it very humane to invite people to risk their lives to come to this country and then pull the rug out from underneath them. We are all human beings and we should treat each other with compassion.

I didn't really understand his God, country, self statement. I'm not sure how mistreating and belittling other human beings is a way to serve God, but what do I know?

David Marlett:

We at ProAmerican Companies an organization.. Let me first just tell you that – we’re going to change this. I’m going to shift this, change focus for a slight moment. We are out here celebrating the good guys. Those companies out in our business world, out in our societies that say “you know what” I can make a lot more money if I broke the law, but I won’t do it and that may put me out of business, but I’m just not going to do it. That’s fundamentally what ProAmerica Companies are. We focus on the people.

This is a people’s issue. This is an economic issue and I’m looking across the street at these signs and they say “no racist deportation.” I don’t know what rally they’re showing up for. Okay, no racist deportation. Wonderful. I’m for that! Everybody for that? That’s not what we’re talking about. “No human being is illegal.” Wonderful, nice saying. I know some people in the Morristown, Morris County prison – hey they’re criminals too. I don’t understand this. These people just don’t get it. This is about America. This is about we the people, the individuals and some people may not like where I’m going to go with this, because it’s one thing for us to be pointing at our government and we learn when we are in grade school when I point I got three fingers pointing right back at me.

This is about us. We, we invited the illegal aliens in every time we did business with an employer who hired them. We laid this beautiful buffet table out and said all you have to do is get across the border and her you go. And we’re, we the people are paying for it now. We must have the courage to stand up and say you know what? Yes, there’s certain things the government and only the government must enforce our laws, but you know what? There’s a whole lot we can do and it’s one thing to write your senators and God bless us all for what we did in shutting down the amnesty bill, but who’s mowing your lawn? Who’d mowing your neighbor’s lawn? Who’s building these houses in your community? Are you standing by idly while business owners in your community continue, day after day after day to break the law and laugh at us as keep on pointing to the government and saying “Please make us stop breaking the law. This is about us. We have to take it to ourselves personal responsibility and say you know what I’m not going to teach my child that just because I may not get caught or just because everybody else is doing it’s suddenly okay.

It’s not okay. This is where we’re ever going to see long term serious change in this country we must cut these employers off at the knees and that means don’t – don’t do business with them. This is an economic issues. These people don’t ant to be American citizens they’re here for jobs. They’re only here because we’re giving ‘em jobs. It is that simple. We cut ‘em off they go home. Look what’s happening in Georgia. Look what’s happening in Arizona. Look what’s about to start happening in Oklahoma. These states do this, they leave. Wonderful. It does work, but it starts with you and you and me and it starts at home. It starts with what we teach our children. It starts with going back to what I call patriot ethics.

You know when I was growing up and I suspect most of you – we learned something very early on and I don’t remember someone specifically saying it - it just got into my being and that was priority order was God, country and me. That was what I grew up with. We said it every morning in grade school as we put our hand over our heart and looked at our flag and pledged allegiance for one nation under God. That’s it – God, country, family then me.

Somewhere along the way we lost our vision. And now it is me, then somewhere down the line God and country in some trailing order. That to me is the heart of this issue. We must go back is individual citizens to our communities demand that one local chamber of commerce kick out any business that is breaking the law. Go to the Better Business Bureau say you gotta be kidding me, you’re supporting these guys that break our laws everyday. This is where a people’s – yes I’m taking nothing away from what we must do for our government must do, but it’s too easy to keep printing to Washington. Look at what we got….


David Marlett said...

I appreciate the nod to the sensibleness of my speech. I hope others perhaps felt similarly. Everywhere I speak, my theme is one of personal responsibility...for We the People to own up to this mess, and to realize that all real change starts in our local communities, in our homes, in us. Also, I am not sure if you are using a speech recognition software, but if I actually said the words as you have then typed here....frankly it would have made absolutely no sense! : )

As for your "not understanding" the "God, country, self" stuff...perhaps I can better explain here: The Pledge of Allegiance demonstrates a priority of the American citizen as God, country, and then self. We pledge our allegiance to one nation, under God. But our priorities have gotten out of whack, and now we put ourselves, our own profits, etc. over the greater good of our nation. Thus we break the law to employ illegal aliens, economically and culturally damaging our nation for the reduced price of our landscaping, fences, and hotel stays. Nowhere in my speech did I talk about "serving God".

If anyone wants more information about me, or my "actual" speech ; ) feel free to email me at, and visit us at

Because America Matters,
David Marlett

Symsess said...


Firstly I transcribed the speech verbatim from the video. I did not take the liberty to correct sentence structure as it was not my speech. I'm sure any sensible person would be able to realize the actual meaning of any errors which deviated from your actual written speech.

What I don't understand is how our country would ever come before man, which is God's creation. God did not create the United States. He created man, and he did so on equal ground. If we decide to draw lines on God's earth and tell certain people you can't come to our side, well that's man's problem, but it doesn't mean we can treat others inhumanely.

It's no secret that "illegal" immigrants come to this country because they can and do find work. They find work because "we the people" as the pro-ralliest like to burn into our skulls, refuse to pay a fair working wage to those that service us. Most citizens of this country want things as cheap as they can get them and they'll blind themselves to how those things are made so cheap. From "illegal" immigrants to child and slave labor abroad, "we the people" need to wake up and start supporting each other rather than serving greed.

When we decide to pay a little more for services rendered by those receiving a fair wage, allowing those workers to support a family and share the love of God and this country without fear of hunger, then "we the people" can speak of God, country, and self. Those at this rally did not speak of God as he would see fit. Country was the key at this rally, and all those that seek a good life be damned because our country comes before our humanity, which as far as I'm concerned, represents our loyalty to the compassion and forgiveness of God.