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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Freeland Rally - Renee Butts' Speech

Though we weren't fortunate enough to hear her speak at the Morristown Rally, Renee Butt's has proven in her Freeland speech that there's no such thing as over-the-top.

Renee Butts' Speech

This is not her whole speech - it's as much as I could stand to listen to. I encourage you to listen for yourself by clicking the above link.

I don't really have to say too much about this speech as it truly speaks for itself. However, I will point out that according to Renee women are now a "perk" for all "illegal" immigrants as they are all rapists. Her speech is why many people undecided on this issue stay away from groups like Voice Of The People USA.

Renee's Speech:

Thank you everyone. Today I’m going to speak to you about something we haven’t covered.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the MS-13 gang. This gang of illegal aliens is in at least 33 of our states. It’s reported to be smuggling in Al Qaeda terrorists and their weapons. Our opponents see no problem with people coming here illegally. People like WILK talk show host Steve Corbet say most illegal aliens just want to some here to work. They key word is most. This certainly isn’t true of all.

Obviously some also come here to commit crime. Many of our opponents delight in calling us mean and racist. If we are mean and racist then what is the MS-13 gang? I want to know how would you describe the gang rape of a woman afflicted with Cerebral Palsy who was thrown out of her wheel chair so illegal aliens might take brutal advantage of her. Gang rape of American women is a method of initiation for this notorious gang. Two deaf girls ages seventeen and fourteen were subjected to this brutal treatment by illegal aliens.

You know, a study was done of 1.500 illegal alien offenders. They had just under 6,000 victims between all of them. So, that’s about 4 victims each. Thirty-five of these crimes were child molestations. Twenty-four were rapists and the other Forty-one percent were sexual homicide and serial murders. Seven illegal aliens gang raped a 37 year old North Carolina woman. A 4 year old girl was kidnapped, raped, and sodomized by an illegal alien. She was found thrown over a wall suffering from facial fractures and other injuries. These are just some of the horror stories.

Women of all ages are being targeted by these groups. Crimes where we cannot find the criminal because we don’t know their true identity, because they’re here illegally.

The illegal aliens are taking on aliases to throw law enforcement from their trail. While people call us racist we women are targets for these gangs. The politically correct people who think we out to be nice and trust all of them have forgotten about our plight – the plight of the women and children of America. It is difficult to believe that the MS-13 gang might change their tune if we understood them and were nice to them. If illegal aliens women want to join this gang they themselves must submit to gang rape by the male members of the group. I cannot even call such male beasts men if they use their ill-gotten power to subjugate and terrorize women. And that’s not to mention them smuggling terrorists in to our country.

Oh, yes these people want to work – they want to work towards our country’s destruction and to rape and brutalize our women. Apparently we women no longer matter to the federal government, to the opposition, to the American Civil Liberties Union. The illegal aliens get many perks for coming to our country. Emergency room visits, education, sanctuary cities, and now apparently we women are just another perk to be added to the list. I want to know, is the opposition going to suggest we are mean for not submitting to gang rape?

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