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Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Thoughts on the Morristown Rally

For anyone interested I have a few pictures of the rally on my Flickr site. Morristown ProAmerica Rally Pictures

I am of the opinion that this rhetoric is based in racism, but that is simply my view of the situation. If your view differs so be it, but at least take the time to investigate these groups before sending them your money.

Using the photo site as my primary source for opposing this particular rally I placed my experience there as my profile:

I attended the ProAmerica rally in Morristown, NJ on Saturday July 28, 2007 and

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from the supporters of this rally and from the speakers themselves. There were men and women laughing at the protestors, waiving at them, and taunting them with disgusting signs and even the middle finger. What disturbed me most were the signs in Spanish which clearly show what these people want. They want to rid Morristown and New Jersey of Hispanics.

They can go on stage and claim they’re for “legal immigration”, but what does it do to a people when you fight so hard to send their friends, loved ones, and families away. By clearly identifying their cause (enemy) they are telling all like people that they are not welcome. Morristown, in particular, through Mayor Cresitello’s efforts, is trying to rid its city of Hispanics. They have begun a mission of taking homes and sending clear messages (such as 287g) to the Hispanic community that they are not welcome.

There were many reports showing the protesters were not exactly calm and collected. While I don’t believe in hurting your cause by becoming violent or even violently angry I cannot say that some of their actions were not provoked. It was clear right at the start of the rally that the presence of opposition was a nice little present for those speaking. Most all of them took the time to mention those on the other side of the street and the mayor even referred to them as “Marxist and Communist.” I was on the other side of the street and I’m neither I Marxist nor a Communist. The mayor’s myopic black and white view just goes to show his character.

It is my firm belief that this anti-immigrant stance is based in racism. This country has a terrible history of race relations and to think the groups sponsoring and participating in this rally are completely free of racist intent is ludicrous.

Robb Pearson put this rally together and is now arm in arm with groups such as Voice of the People USA who’s site screams that English should be our only language, but fails to properly use fundamental grammar in their declaration. Furthermore they freely link to sites such as “Export the Import” were pictures are posted showing their supporters holding signs that read “diversity = death.” He is also arm in arm with the group called New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control which shows a picture of Hispanic people walking through a desert to illustrate their view that immigration is out of control.

All of these groups, including Robb himself, will stand on a stage and say they are not racist and that those who accuse them of that are shallow and have no argument. Yet Spanish was the only language used when speaking of "the problem." Daniel Smeriglio said he didn't want street signs in "Espanol" and Carmen Morales ended her speach with "Si Se Puede." In addition there were a few signs at the rally written in Spanish though there were none in any other language.

I can only hope that the good people of this country take the time to look at these websites and ask themselves “who am I really supporting here?”

Do you disagree with “illegal” immigration and disapprove of amnesty? Do you support our President? Well, though Robb supports deportation he does not support George Bush and actually pokes fun at him in his blog. (Not that I’m complaining) I'm not happy with the president either, but then I'm not calling others country haters because they disagree with US law. This is a free country and we're allowed to disagree with it's laws and our president without being anti-country.

Do not remain silent while these people stand up and use propaganda and scare tactics to remove you from showing humanity to others. I’m not going to let these groups tell me that all “illegal” immigrants commit all the violent crimes in their communities. And though I believe some of these groups to be racist, however covered it may be, I will not stop believing in them and hoping that they will see the error of their ways. There are ways to help people without treating them like outsiders and without making them feel inferior.

We are a welcoming people. That's why this country is so great.

It’s more fun to be nice and get along, isn’t it?


Robb Pearson said...

Stumbled upon this blog today. Quite interesting. Though I find it curious that you left out two speeches: my opening speech, and my closing speech. Not that it matters one way or the other to me, but any reason why you left those two speeches out?

Take care, and be well.


Symsess said...

It's nothing to be curious about really. I simply failed to transcribe your speech as it took a fare amount of time to transcribe the others and I got used to the idea of you as more of the emcee rather than a speaker yourself.

I'll be glad to include your speech, just give me a few days to get it together. Or if you like you can send it to me and I'll just paste it in. Of course, all the speeches on here are transcribed from the You Tube videos so I did include some of the nuances of the actual speech which may not have been in that person's written version.

Though I don’t care for your organization I’ll also say be well. And to all those affected by the ills of the world, may they also be well.

Robb Pearson said...

Hello Symsess.

Just so you know, I wasn't complaining. I was simply making an observation.

And I can imagine how much time it took to go through each speech and transcribe. Regardless of whatever differences of opinion we may have on this one issue, you deserve tremendous credit for the time you spent putting voice to text.

I can send a copy of my opening speech to you either this evening or tomorrow. As for my closing speech it was unprepared and given on the fly.

As to my organization, it's important that I point out that we are not a single-issue group, nor were the speakers at the rally representatives of the ProAmerica Society. They were merely guest speakers. Immigration is only one of many issues the ProAmerica Society endeavours to focus on. Ultimately, our main objective is quite simple: to advance the foundations and the fundamental principles of our American society.

Perhaps someday I will share with you my post-rally reflections and perceptions (those which I have not yet shared on my website). You might be surprised. While the rally was a great success, much of what I discovered in the "inner workings" of the anti-illegal immigration circle are quite disturbing. And it is a "circle" that I am now working to distance myself and my organization from.

Symsess said...


I went ahead and transcribed your speech. I had actually found it hand-written in my papers I just failed to type it out. However, I will gladly replace it with the one you provide once it arrives.

I also posted comments which I hope to be taken as criticisms rather than personal attacks. It is understood that your group is about many issues. I feel this issue, and the groups supporting it, are tough to follow because it's truly hard to find any group you see eye to eye with on everything. What doesn’t help is the fact that most all groups do not agree with this president or the policies and world changes he is working to promote. Therefore you want to side with them on that, but then pull the reigns when they start going over the line on other issues.

I feel it is important to see the human aspect of this issue and to understand that we the people have grown and perpetuated it. It’s just that now, after so many people have come over here illegally, we can actually see it.

We all see the day laborers in the street looking for work. We all know what this issue is about. However, the fact that we fed this issue also means that we have to show care and concern when finding solutions that are in everybody’s best interest.

I really try not to be nasty towards others, but I hope you can understand my frustration, though you may not share it.