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Monday, August 6, 2007

Miguel Cruz's Speech

Miguel Cruz is from an organization called You Don't Speak for Me which claims to represent those Hispanics that do not support illegal immigration. (Though I’d imagine he does not speak for every Hispanic that doesn’t sympathize with “illegal” immigrants)

Out of all the speeches given that day I believe Miguel's used the most scare tactics to move people to his side of the argument. For me to include exclamation points would be a waste of time because he yelled the whole speech as if he were scolding the audience rather than trying to educate them. But like the others, who's speeches I've posted so far, he really gives no information to the audience; he simply tries to scare everyone into thinking we all either be killed, raped, or driven off the road if we don't get all the "illegal" immigrants out of the country today.

Miguel's Speech:

I just want to say that I am very proud to be here today with all of you patriotic Americans in defense of this town. Thank you. My name is Miguel Cruz and I represent the New Jersey chapter of the national coalition You Don’t Speak for Me.

You don’t speak for me is an American human rights organization that is devoted to advancing the interests of American Hispanics of the United States - American Hispanics who love this country and only this country and its Constitution.

We’re proud American Hispanics who support the enforcement of immigration laws at all levels of government. We’re proud American Hispanics who support the full security of our southern border with Mexico and yes I mean a 2,000 mile wall in the border – one that can extend from San Diego, California all the way to Brownsville, Texas and I don’t care if they think it’s too impractical. I don’t care if they think it’s too costly. There’s nothing too costly and impractical about the security of our people. This thin g will guarantee the safety and security of our fellow Americans if it will successful prevent the murders of Americans, the raping of our women and the sexual assault on our children by illegal aliens, if it will keep away the millions of pounds of drugs that are smuggled into this country every single year.

Don’t talk to me about too impractical. This is the message that our organization is sending out to the rest of the country where our membership already runs in the thousands and up to twenty-six states.

What’s happening here in Morristown with the mayor trying to deputize police officers with 287(g) immigration authority is the direct result of congressional and federal inaction. This reckless disregard and lack of concern for the safety of the American citizens, the American voters, and everyone else who is here under the law is a disgrace and it’s almost criminal because they are not exercising their constitutional responsibilities to protect us.

Folks I don’t think they’re looking out for us in any way. There’s a strong reason why Mayor Cresitello is trying to bring 287(g) to Morristown and for that we thank the mayor sincerely – we thank the mayor. Because the reason is that today every town, every country and every state in America is under attack by the ever present criminal element brought to our neighborhoods by illegal aliens.

We’re under attack my friends. Yes we’re under attack! - when twelve Americans a day are murdered by illegal aliens. We’re under attack when 13 Americans are killed in car accidents caused by illegal aliens. We’re under attack when 8 American children a day are sexually molested by illegal aliens. Over one-million sex crimes have been committed in the United States by illegal aliens, over on million.

We’re under attack when up to thirty percent of the federal criminals in America are illegal aliens and they are the same people that these people are supporting.

We’re under attack when illegal aliens smuggle millions of pounds of cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana and even heroine. Criminal aliens are killing our police officers, are killing our state troopers, are killing and even beheading our border patrol. What the hell is going on? We’re under attack when illegal aliens everywhere are driving without a license, registration, or insurance putting us our – putting our lives in danger on the roads we travel everyday. Folks it’s no longer twelve million illegal aliens in this country. That was three years ago. Recent estimates show that there are between twenty and thirty million of ‘em here and that’s not acceptable. Are we under attack or what?

And that why 287(g) is so important in our towns. And I ask, I tell you don’t be fooled and confused by the evil rumors by people like these because 287(g) does not target Hispanics or Latinos. It doesn’t target Mexicans or Koreans. It does not profile South Americans, Irish, Russian, Central Americans or Africans. 287(g) was created so that our towns, counties, and states can protect themselves by working closely with the department of Homeland security. It can allow county, state officers, local officers the authority to screen for immigration status of anyone who is caught committing a crime and if the criminal is an illegal alien then he can be deported. What’s wrong with that?

It’s bad enough that illegal aliens are not supposed to be in this country jeopardizing our economy, our resources, our jobs, our schools, internally harming our middle-class and hijacking our English language, our American history and culture. It’s bad enough that illegal aliens do not belong here because they’re in clear violation of our laws, but on top of that they continually commit serious crimes and the victims are the American people. And to all those who say that 287(g) is a racist measure against immigrants they should shut up!!! – ‘cause they don’t know anything. Read and reflect.

Thank God that twenty-one state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country are under 287(g) agreement with Homeland Security. Thank God for that and let’s thank God that seventy-five other agencies already have submitted their applications. 287(g) authority is what these towns want simply because it is what they need and it is what we need to protect our children, our families, our friends, and fellow Americans from illegal aliens who can’t seem to stop committing crimes. My friends this is why my organization, You Don’t Speak For Me with other like New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control and United Patriots of America, the Bergen chapter and New Yorkers For Immigration Control and Enforcement commend the work of public officials like Mayor Cresitello and that is why we denounce the shameful reckless disregard for the lack of security of Americans by many in congress who do not support 287(g). Shame on them!

So thank God that America, town by town is finally waking up.

God bless you and thank you!

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