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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Andrew Woodring's Speech

This is transcribed from the videos posted on You Tube so I'm including the introductions as well. This is from Morristown ProAmerica Rally Part V.

Robb Pearson - "We believe in free speech. Let's applaud their free speech as well. (speaking of the protestors) Do it! Do it! That's the type of people we are. That's the American principle. We live with the opposition! And if we don't like their free speech we oppose it with more free speech! I'd like now to invite up to the podium Andrew Woodring from Voice of the People USA. Give him a big hand.

Andrew Woodring:

"Thank you very much. may I say first it's an honor and a privilege to be here in Morristown with alll you fine American citizens. So i'd just like to give you a round of applause right now. This past week, back in Hazelton, we had a slight snag in the battle for legal immigration and fixing our country. With Mayor Barletta and his IRA act. It wasn't an unforeseen problem. We knew that this was going to turn out this way, because we cannot look to government officials for patriots anymore. We must look to Mayor Barletta, Mayor Cresitello as our true patriots! We must look to the people around us who stopped the amnesty bill not once, but twice. All of you are patriots and you all deserve a round of applause for that as well.

There was a slight snag in Hazelton of course, but it will not stop the war. It will not stop the battle. In Hazelton we were told we were demonizing a problem that isn't really there. Really? I didn't notice. I’m new to this and my group has only been around for about three months, but this problem is crippling our country. And our country is at a turning point where it needs to stand up for itself. Where it needs to fight. Where American citizens need to stop and say “this is my country. This is what I want. Because if I don’t now, there will not be a country in ten years.

I will not turn to my children. I will not turn to my parents and say that I could have done something, but I won’t. I’ll turn a blind eye, I’ll sit with a level of complacency and sit back and watch tv and let somebody else deal with it. That time is past and now is the time that we need to stop and fight.

And I am honored to share the stage with members of You Don’t Speak For Me, members of 9/11 Families For a Secure America, Mayor Cresitello, ProAmerica society. It is my honor, it is my privilege to speak to all of you today and tell you that no matter what we will not stop fighting and we will take this as far and as high as we can. We will vote out politicians that don’t want to represent us. We will put in a whole new staff if we have to and we will make sure this job gets done.

And as far as demonizing the problem and being called racists. If you need to pull a racist card then you really don’t have a point to say and you should go away right now! And I’d also like to thank the people across the street for um trying to do a violent act today. You had your day, we’ll respect it and well let you say what you have to say. You let us have our day, we’ll respect it, let us say what we have to say. Complain about us tomorrow, but be citizens. And if you are not a citizen of this country you don’t belong here and its time for you to go!

I’m not a great speaker so I’ll just say it’s an honor and a privilege to share the stage with Mayor Cresitello. Thanks you. I hope that his example will lead for the rest of the country. And God bless all of you and have a great day. Thank you very much.

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