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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Daniel Smeriglio's Speech

In transcribing these speeches I have done my best to remain true to the way the speech was given. Many of these speakers spoke without having much of anything prepared which meant they often spoke faster than their brains could process what they were saying or how they were structuring sentences.

Though there are many great speeches to refer to as examples such as Lincoln's or Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, the speeches at this rally will certainly not go down in history along side them. Some of these speakers may want to go to the library, or a bookstore, and get their hands on some books about public speaking. I think there are usually a few in the sale area at Barnes and Noble.

Personally if I were going to give a speech I would write it before hand and have a few people go over it to make sure it was thoughtful, well written, and without double meanings or ambiguities. This is especially true given the nature of their argument against illegal immigration and how we should treat those that are here without documentation.

Here's his speech with an introduction by Robb Pearson:

Robb: "I’d like to now invite up Andrew’s colleague Daniel Smeriglio also of Voice of the People USA."

Daniel: "I want to thank everybody today. I want… (this is from the You Tube video which cuts off here and goes from part V to part VI)

..a true hero and a patriot. We need more like you (I think referring to Cresitello). I’d like to thank the Patriots of New Jersey. The groups that have been fighting so hard. Mr. Rucki. Ron Bass of the United Patriots of America. One of my personal idols, for You Don’t Speak For Me, New York (couldn’t make this out), the people that take the battle to the streets all the time and are relentless. One thing that I would like to address is the people across the street that want to protest us. I agree with your freedom of speech. If you supposedly love America how dare you disrespect our national anthem and chant during it. I don’t care what country you’re in our what rights you think you have. You do not do that! That’s a disgrace. I want to thank the police department here. They have a very hard job and those who like to cause problems at rallies such as this. They only further our cause more and show that we are the peaceful protestors that believe in America. We don’t have to make scenes. We don’t have to rush a podium. We don’t have to rush a stage. We’re here for America and our laws, not to make idiots of ourselves.

Everybody – everybody got a good laugh down at Hazelton for the other side. They see that as a very big victory. Expected. Do you really think we’re going to stop? Do you really think we’re not going to take this to the Supreme Court? You see, this became a matter of politics. Judge Munly made it very political. Illegal has no race, illegal has no religion, illegal has no party affiliation. Illegal is illegal it’s against the law and that’s what we’re fighting against.

Immigrants made our country strong. They continue to make our country very strong. To the other side do they understand that 82% of America does not agree with what you believe? Do they understand that a large portion of that number happens to be legal immigrants to the United States of America or do you turn a blind eye to that? That’s fine. That’s alright. We’re not going to stop. This should not be a matter of the courts to decide if we can have documents, legal documents, written in English in the United States of America. We should not have street signs in one language. (not a typo) if you want to cater and put street signs in Espanol then I ask you, what about German, what about Polish, what about Italian, what about… The list goes on and on. What’s good for one should be good for everyone. Agree or shut up!

I don’t feel that I have to sit here lightly and stand back and listen to all these lies, all this rhetoric. Yes, we are all racists, we are all hate groups. That’s right! We hate people who hate America and disrespect this country. If we are guilty of that then so be it.

Regardless of the fact they’re going to continue to speak and say what they want to say its not going to stop our fight. It’s not going to stop our cause. Mayor Barletta sends his support to Mayor Cresitello. He has a lot of respect for that man. We are fighting the same battle. Mayor Barletta is a true patriot of this country and we need more like him. Elected officials that actually give a damn about the people of the country and the people that voted them into office. Everybody needs to unite – needs to stand as one and remember we have to refuse to be that mute entity. The government works for us. It’s time to fire them.

It is an honor to be here. It’s great to see different places. We’ve taken our rallies throughout Pennsylvania. Were not stopping. September 1, we’re going to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the state capital to take our fight right there in their face. The senate that voted for amnesty, the senators that were in support of amnesty and every politician that supports sanctuary cities should be tried for treason and we should cut federal funding immediately. To disgrace our flag, to disgrace our Constitution and you disgrace the very fiber for which this country is built on.

Robb Pearson, I want to thank you. You did a great show today. It’s an honor to be here. To see more people not afraid to stand up across this nation – this is what this is about. Remember for the people, by the people. We have a voice and we must refuse to be silent. We are not going to sit back idly and let government destroy our lives, destroy our country, take jobs away from Americans and every single day slap us, the legal citizens of this country, who pay taxes and pay for illegals to have benefits, better health care than us. To be treated equally. You are not an equal. You are a human being. I believe that, but do it the right way. You come here to better your lives. You come here to have better lives for your family. You enter this country by breaking a law from day one. You do not respect America. You do not love America. You do not want a better life. You continue to be law breakers. That should always be addressed.

Regardless of the fact it s not going to stop here we have a very long road ahead of us and more and more across this country people are coming out. Everybody here today. It’s not about us up here. It’s about all of you. Homeland security is non-existent. It never has been existent. By letting our border remain open has brought to the death of many, many Americans. Three-thousand in one day. Something that affects me personally. Do you know how many? – The statistics are out there – I don’t know the website, sorry – but they’re out there. Twenty-seven thousand lives have been lost since 9/11 due to the hands of illegal immigrants in the United States of America and you tell me there here for peaceful purposes? They have to remember, this is America, we welcome everyone with open arms. This is America we welcome law abiding citizens with open arms. I will never accept English as a second language. I will never accept another country’s flag to be raised over the Untied States of America’s flag! You disgrace! For every group out there and every politician, every municipality throughout this country that wants to try and silence gatherings like this. We say to all of you, very politically, to go to hell! ‘Cause we have freedom of speech and peaceful assembly and we will utilize it and we will not be silenced.

We will not stop until our country is secure until we have a fence that the money was already there for, is put up – until the illegal immigrants of this country are deported. I know that sounds like a very, a very far fetched task, but I ask you. How come France can do it? All the employers that hire need to be punished. Landlords that provide housing is aiding and abetting. You need to be punished. Take back the streets, take back our country, town by town, city by city, state by state, until we stand as one. Everybody, no matter what background you are we have one thing in common. We are American citizens and we’re proud to call America home. Unlike the other side. They don’t give a damn about America.

I want to thank all of you. God bless you all. Thank you."

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