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Monday, August 6, 2007

Carmen Morales' Speech

The group You Don't Speak For Me must make their representatives sign an oath to scream when they speak and to fear monger as much as possible.

Here we have the opportunity to see this issue from a non-white perspective, but alas it's just the same, if not more of, the old hate-filled fear-stirring scare tactics.

I thought the idea of a rally was to garner support for your cause by stating facts and figures and letting people know, in a thoughtful way, why you've come to the conclusion you have not just pummeling them into submission through fear and worry of their very lives.

You'll see for yourself, but the only figures Carmen gave us were how many "illegal" immigrants are in the United States which her partner Miguel, who spoke after her, repeated as if our attention span was so short we couldn't remember.

Out of nowhere she references Married With Children which, if you listen close, garners at least one chuckle from the audience. Well, I guess it's nice to laugh at least once when you're being told of the chaos and disarray we're all living in because of "illegal" immigrants.

Carmen Morales:

People prefer to turn this into a race issue for their own benefit. Do not believe them. This is not about race. This is about protecting our country. They sometimes amaze me when I listen to some of these activists who, by the way, haven’t been here that long themselves and also come in illegally not long ago. And now they have the nerve to protest in our country when they didn’t have the nerve to protest in their own government - the country that they left behind.

This debate has been going on for a very long time. Remembering back 1975 and the early eighties this country took a tremendous turn and after 1986 that did it. We have been invaded by millions of illegal aliens not 12 million, 30 million, and they’re still coming on a daily basis. Another amnesty and we will lost - we will lose everything good that America has ever had to offer. Take a good look at California, Los Angeles especially and you can see what’s coming to the state of New Jersey. People who are in this country illegally and there supporters like to throw in the race card and accuse Americans of racism as if we have no right to speak to protect our land. I have never seen such disarray, chaos, and so much worthless crime in this country before. Of course we have our own criminals, but do we need more from foreign countries? I don’t think so.

People, we are headed toward a third world over populated country with no rule of law whatsoever. We are turning into what these illegal aliens left behind. So could you imagine Americans wake up remembering back while every one was comfortable watching Married With Children, baseball, The Simpsons, terrorists, criminals and all kinds of people who hate America, from around the world who are crossing the border into the United States unbeknownst to us. TV has blind us.

Until the awakening of 9/11, which I am one-hundred percent sure that if we would have had strong immigration laws and secured borders, 9/11 would have never happened. We need enforcement. Our immigration laws, ladies and gentlemen – like we need the enforcement that Mexico has because, let me tell you, Mexico has very strict immigration laws and they really are strict about it. You cannot sneak into Mexico and do what you do in the United States.

Mass illegal immigration has go to stop. Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor – we support your efforts to protect the citizens of Morristown and together we’ll take our message, that America’s immigration laws must be enforced by our nation’s capital. I believe and I think they are beginning to listen to us and our phone numbers and strength grows they will be paying attention ever more because we the people of the United States are the real voice of America.

We have every right to speak out against illegal immigration. We will continue to do so. So on behalf of You Don’t Speak For Me and millions of other Americans I am here to say thank you Mr. Mayor and also a message to the people.

287(g) – Si Se Puede.

Robb Pearson: “That’s what I call energy my friends. That’s what I call celebration of free speech my friends. And I want to propose that we are because we believe in free speech.”

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