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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

John Rucki's Speech

I have done my best here to transcribe John Rucki's speech from the Morristown ProAmerica rally held on Saturday 28, 2007.

I will continue to transcribe the other speeches as well because I feel this is an important issue and I think we have to fully understand the intentions of these groups.

John Ruck is from a group called New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control. The homepage of his website shows Hispanics crossing through a desert. You can find things in his speech that are suspect as well.

John's speech: (I have included the fact that protestors rushed the stage during his speech)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is John Rucki – that’s spelled R-u-c-k-i. I live in Middlesex country New Jersey and along with Doctor Gayle Kesselman I am co chair of New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control. All of you are probably familiar with doctor Gayle Kesselman. She manages our website and I think many of you have probably gotten emails from her, possibly 2,3,4,5,6 per week. Doctor Kesselman, my co-chair, sends her regards and she does a fine job managing our website.

I have a confession to make. I’m going to bear my soul. I am a product of legal immigration and I’m proud of it. Ellis Island is my Plymouth Rock. Tim to time we go to these rallies, ok. And we get confronted by an opposite point of view and that is fine. WE are fair, our groups are fair, we listen to everybody. Those groups that confront us from time to time to them I say your days are limited. When you cannot properly defend your point of view, when the only way you defend your point of view is calling the opposition racists you’ve lost your character, you’ve lost your integrity, and you’ve lost your credibility.

Thank all of you for coming out today. This is a beautiful__ (stage is rushed by two or three protestors) Some of the crowd across the street chants “Racism means we’ve got to fight back.”

(applause from the audience as the protestors are apprehended by the police)

Robb Pearson approaches the mike “We’re good to go!”

John continues “Thanks for the rest. I would like to thank all of you for turning out this afternoon on a warm Summer day. There are a lot more things we could be doing with our friends and families. One of the things that makes the Summer so enjoyable is we celebrate good holidays. Good American holidays during the summer. Memorial day, Fourth of July, Labor Day. Howe war you Fourth of July? My fourth of July was one of the best that I’ve had in a number of years. You know that made this last Fourth of July so special? The events that happened in Washington the week before the Fourth of July. With our faxes, with our letters, with our phone calls, our group stopped illegal amnesty not once, but twice. And we’re going to do it again if we have to. That even, stopping those amnesties will go down in American history as a significant event as significant as those patriots who over two hundred years ago threw bails of tea into Boston Harbor. Our founding fathers had it easy, they had it hard, but they had it easy. They only had one George III to deal with. We have many George III to deal with in Washington. Most of them are in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It’s a good thing that when you get elected to Senate or to the House of Representatives you aren’t given rings with big stones in ‘em. Because if Senators and members of the house of Representatives were given rings they’d probably expect us to genuflect and kiss those rings. That’s the mood unfortunately in Washington. We have two Excellencies that we have to deal with that represent us in Washington. We have his Excellency Frank and we have his Excellency Bob. If you look at the voting records of the representatives and Senators that represent us in Washington it leaves a lot to be desired. With all the talk going on in Washington about impeachment maybe it’s about time that we the people started looking into impeachment.

Elected office was not meant to be a full time job and career. Let’s start exercising term limits when we vote at the ballot box. When those representatives and Senators got sworn I for their terms whether it was the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, or the sixth they swore on a Bible to a solemn oath. They swore to uphold all of the laws of this country and they failed to do it. They have not upheld the fine traditions of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. We deserve better. I would remind our elected officials, at all levels – enforce the law! Selective enforcement of the law is a form of tyranny and we will not tolerate it. More and more local government municipalities, country government, were taking on the tasks that our Federal government has failed to do. They have failed to protect our borders, they have failed to manage an effective and efficient immigration system. They can’t even process passports in a timely manner. They cannot even keep contaminated food stuff substances from entering this country and making us sick. More and more municipalities’ counties are picking up the slack and doing what they vowed to do, correct the quality of life problems that the federal government is not providing for us. To his credit Mayor Cresitello has moved to increase the quality of life for the citizens of Morristown and in effect the citizens of Morris County. 287g is going the job that the federal government will not do. 287g is allowing us as lawful abiding citizens to assist ICE to make sure that our laws are enforced. We are pro legal immigration. You can spin it, you can distort it, you can megaphone it anyway you want. We are pro legal immigration. If you want to experience the fruits of the Liberty Bell ya gotta ring our front door bell.

Let me leave you with this. English is our language. Speak it, write it, and print it.

There’s our flag. Continue lifting it higher and higher. This is your country. Continue to start taking it back.

Thank you.

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