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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ed Kowalski's Speech

Ed told us a heart wrenching story about his niece who was raped and slaughtered by here ex-boyfriend who was here illegally. Though it doesn't excuse this evil, heinous, and cowardly act, Ed did not tell the audience that this "illegal" immigrant was his niece's ex-boyfriend. This evil man was previously convicted of drunk driving in addition to other offenses, but was allowed to remain free and in this United States.

Robb Pearson:

Thank you Miguel. Right now I’d like to invite Ed Kowalski, from 9/11 Families For a Secure America for a touching story and certainly a very moving one.

Ed Kowalski:

Thank you all. As Miguel just passionately said, twenty-five Americans a day fall victim to crimes committed by illegal aliens. In 2005 my family was on of these. My seventeen year old niece Elizabeth Butler, one week away from her high school graduation, was raped and stabbed thirteen times to death and found by her parents in Croton Falls, New York. If Westchester country, at that time, had a 287(g) program the individual who slaughtered my niece would have been picked up and deported as he should have been, but this didn’t occur because we didn’t have politicians like Mayor Cresitello who’s fighting for a 287(g) program. At the time Elizabeth was killed we had a district attorney, Jeanine Piro who was more interested in hiring Bernie Kerik to eaves drop on her husband who she suspected was cheating. That’s what we had in Westchester county. That’s why my niece is dead. If you don’t believe, to my friends across the street, if you don’t believe that this is a problem I invite you to go on to and you can see the stories of people whose lives have been ended by illegal aliens.

Government at all levels must make the prosecution and deportation of law breaking illegal aliens a top priority. This includes drunk driving, as well as theft, rape, and murder. All foreign prisoners eligible for deportation must be shipped home at the end of their sentences, not released onto American streets to commit further crimes on innocent citizens. I want everybody in this crowd to remember what it was like to be seventeen, to think of a life full of future, full of promise, and then I want you to think of my niece who’s lying in a grave who will never have what we have. And I want you to think that was done at the hands of an illegal alien. The common excuse that these dangerous criminal fell through the cracks is not acceptable when our fellow citizens are being killed, raped, and otherwise harmed by these invaders. 287(g) is the way to go. We need to get behind it, we need to get behind Mayor Cresitello. We need to enforce this now.

Thank you very much.


Ed said...

Does the fact that the individual who killed my niece also dateed her briefly really make a difference to you? You imply that I held this information back. Dead is dead and he killed her. That's the bottom line. The fact that Elizabeth was a welciming to her killer only speaks to the fact that she was raised as a 'non racist' as her family taught her. Shame on you for attempting to make an issue out of one that's not there.

Symsess said...


I stated that this was a horrible act perpetrated by a coward; however, yes I do believe it matters. It matters because it is far scarier to the public thinking of random killings by "illegal" immigrants.

If you say “shame on me” then I must respect that because I know your heart is hurting and for that I am sorry.

I do not believe that any criminal, regardless of citizenship status, should be given so many chances. I do believe, though, that you should tell the whole story as I imagine you met the man; given you must have had a close relationship with your niece.